Marine energy - Wave, tidal and other water current converters

IECRE IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for use in Renewable Energy Applications



IECRE covers design, performance and safety for a wide variety of equipment and components used in Renewable Energy technology and project development, including the Wind Turbine, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Marine Energy Sectors. IECRE Certification Bodies (RECBs) and Test Laboratories (RETLs) are engaged in the peer assessment process to ensure mutual recognition of all System deliverables. Founded in 2014, the IECRE strives to ensure that components or devices tested in one Member Body country will not have to be retested in another, if the relevant national differences have been taken into account. As a result, approval and certification at the national level, i.e. market entry, are greatly facilitated while the perceived risk is significantly reduced.


IECRE Certificates Will Improve Confidence

As the Renewable Energy industry continues to grow, IECRE Certificates and the associated deliverables (Test Reports, Conformity Statements, etc.) will serve as proof of compliance to consensus-based International Standards. As a result, investors, insurers and project developers, among others, will be more confident funding the installation of Renewable Energy equipment carrying an IECRE Certificate.


ME-OMC Marine Energy Operational Management Committee

The Marine Energy Sector, one of three Sectors operating under the IECRE, is managed by the ME-OMC. Currently comprised of 7 Member Bodies (countries) from Asia, North America and Europe with representation from CBs, TLs and industry, “the ME-OMC shall involve the stakeholders and the certification bodies to prepare and operate international Conformity Assessment Schemes for marine energy conversion systems based on the System Basic Rules (IECRE 01).  The ME-OMC shall support the future development of the marine energy industry through conformity assessment in order to reduce risk and increase confidence in the market.” For additional information, see



A USNC Standing Committee operating under its own rules of procedure, the USNC/IECRE has liaison, Ex-official non-voting membership on the USNC/IEC Council and keeps the Council informed of activities in its area of responsibility. The USNC/IECRE coordinates its activities with the other Systems in the U.S. by actively participating in CAPCC, and serves as the U.S. Member Body of the IECRE. The committee coordinates with relevant U.S. Certification Bodies (CBs) and Test Laboratories (TLs) to assure that national differences on standards accepted for use in the IECRE System are uniform for all CBs in the U.S.; to provide a structure that is open to all stakeholders; and to processes applications for submission to the Secretariat of the IECRE. The USNC/IECRE develops the U.S. viewpoint and comments on all matters pertaining to the IECRE, among other activities.  The USNC/IECRE Secretary is from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association and USNC/IECRE annual dues are paid by interested parties in the US who are directly and materially affected by the committee’s activity.