Marine energy - Wave, tidal and other water current converters

The United States participates in TC-114 through its U.S. National Committee which was established and is managed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). ANSI also serves as the U.S. liaison to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in the development of ISO standards and coordinates efforts when IEC and ISO need to form a joint working group to address special issues of common interest.

In response to the IEC’s determination of the need to establish a new Technical Committee (TC) to address the standards requirements of the MHK industry, in 2008 ANSI formed a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) with a mandate to establish subcommittees, known as “Shadow Committees” (SC), which participate in the standards development process of the various Project Teams and Maintenance Teams as they are formed by TC-114. Currently the US TAG comprises of approximately 84 volunteer members who participate in the 2 Maintenance Teams (MT) 8 Project Teams (PT) and 6 ad-Hoc groups (AHG) of TC-114.

Currently, the leadership team of the US TAG is as follows:

Technical Advisor (Head of Delegation to TC-114) – Bill Staby (Resolute Marine)
Deputy Technical Advisor – Roger Bagbey (Cardinal Engineering)
Secretary – Walt Musial (NREL)
Administrator – Arielle Cardinal (NREL)

The US TAG holds one plenary meeting per year at which US TAG leadership meets with the Shadow Committee Chairs to discuss the progress of each Shadow Committee, resolve problems, make forward plans and develop a list of topics that need the attention of TC-114 leadership. Each Shadow Committee sets its own work schedule for reviewing documents and communicating amongst themselves and the PTs and AHGs in which they are members.  In general, only the Shadow Committee Chair and one designated Subject Matter Expert (SME) are allowed to attend face-to-face meetings called by the Convener of a PT or AHG.

For more details about the various PTs, MTs and AHGs in which the US TAG participates, please refer to the “Standards Development” tab.