Marine energy - Wave, tidal and other water current converters

IEC TC114 has published two new technical specifications!

Congratulations to the hard work of all Project Team and Shadow Committee members who helped to complete these documents:

IEC TS 62600-102:2016

Project Team 62600-102 is pleased to release Technical Specification “Wave energy converter power performance assessment at a second location using measured assessment data.”  The TS should continue the development of the WEC industry by allowing the use of existing information and data.  We would like to thank Kelly Ruehl for her work on the TS.  Kim Nielson, the convener, for his direction and Scott Beatty and Clayton Hiles for their hard work.  We are looking forwarded to the continuing support and input from the MRT community.

IEC TS 62600-2:2016

The recently published Technical Standard provides the essential design requirements to ensure the engineering integrity of wave, tidal and other water current energy converters, referred to as marine energy converters (MECs).

Since 2009, over twenty project team members from ten countries labored to produce a consensus document that establishes design standards for these emerging devices.  Some of the challenges to produce this Technical Standard (TS) included:

  • TS applies to all types of hydrokinetic energy devices, including wave buoys and water turbines
  • Industry is emerging, so there is little empirical long-term performance data available
  • Devices often designed to operate at resonant frequencies
  • Ocean conditions vary greatly depending on geographic location and over time
  • Devices are typically unmanned but must accommodate personnel for installation and maintenance
  • Design standards must apply to prototypes and production units

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