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Contribute to the advancement of knowledge and technology at OTC 2017 – MHK involvement is requested!

The program committee for the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2017 is accepting paper proposals for next year’s event until the 6 September deadline. Professionals from across the world descend upon OTC for revealing new innovations, solutions, ideas, and emerging technologies. OTC’s 13 sponsoring societies (all of which are nonprofit organizations in the energy industry) work cooperatively to develop a robust technical program that covers all facets of the offshore sector.

For 2017, we are seeking ‘grand challenge’ themes. We recognize that, historically, cost-conscious times have given rise to grand, disruptive technologies. You and your company may be embarking on technologies to address or solve any of a number of ‘grand challenge’ problems.  Those who are selected will present their papers at OTC 2017. The papers will also be added to, a multisociety technical library. 

If anyone from the MHK community submits an abstract, please also copy Roy Robinson so he can help the committee provide the background info needed and encourage MHK involvement in the conference.

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