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Technical Committee Meeting Continues Advancement of International Standards for Marine Energy Devices


The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Technical Committee 114 held their annual plenary meeting in Guangzhou, China, the week of April 11. From the United States, Jonathan Colby, Kevin Haas, Roger Bagbey, Arielle Cardinal and Walt Musial attended the meeting to serve on the US delegation. In total the meeting had about 25 delegates from 10 different countries and an additional 20 observers from the Chinese National Committee. The meeting included a technical visit to Wanshan Island to view the Eagle 100-kilowatt wave energy device and the island’s renewable energy grid monitoring station and battery storage.

During the meeting, the group received progress updates from all participating countries on marine energy development along with the progress of all technical specifications being written by the group. IEC Renewable Energy Marine Energy OME, the group responsible for developing a process for certification of marine energy devices and projects, also provided an update.

Discussions regarding future work items for the committee were productive and they decided to move forward with a new work item proposal for the measurement of mechanical loads. The Technical Committee will publish two technical specifications in the next few months, which will bring the total to eight technical specifications from the group since its inception in 2008.

An announcement was made during the meetings that the current Chairman of TC114, Neil Rondorf, will be stepping down and the IEC will release a call for nominations for his predecessor.  Neil was unable to attend the meetings in China and Jonathan Colby served as acting Chairman in his place.  The U.S. TAG would like to thank Neil for his service as Chairman and participation over the years; he will be missed.

The U.S. would also like to extend our gratitude to the Chinese delegation for hosting a very productive meeting and a great experience for us all.

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