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US TAG Annual Meetings in Seattle, Washington

IMG_20151111_153421640_HDRThe U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) of IEC Technical Committee 114 (TC114) met in Seattle, Washington, November 11-12 for its annual face-to-face meeting.

IEC TC-114 was created in 2007 to establish, maintain, and publish technical standards and guidelines that are used by a wide range of stakeholders in the marine and hydrokinetic industry. The U.S. TAG works to ensure that efforts on the international level are running smoothly and consistently.

Twenty TAG members from academia, industry, and national laboratories attended the 2-day meeting and five attended remotely to discuss the status of the standards being generated by the group. Over the course of those 2 days, TAG members updated the attendees with the progress that each member’s group is making towards publishing technical specifications and gaining industry acceptance and feedback on these documents. Further discussions were held on the second day to harmonize the technical content of these documents.

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