Marine energy - Wave, tidal and other water current converters

IEC TC-114 is a Technical Committee (TC) that develops and manages standards for the Global Marine Hydrokinetics (MHK) Industry

IEC TC-114 was created in 2007 to establish, maintain and publish technical standards and guidelines which are used by a wide range of stakeholders in the MHK industry. At present, 26 member countries participate in activities of TC-114 of which 15 are Participating (P) members with full voting privileges and 11 are Observing (O) members.

The United States is a Participating member of TC-114 and its membership activities are directed by its National Committee, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). To manage its participation in TC-114, ANSI established a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) which coordinates the activities of approximately 84 TAG members who volunteer their time to participate on the U.S. committees that are helping develop technical standards associated with TC-114’s 2 Maintenance Teams (MT) 8 Project Teams (PT) and 6 ad-Hoc groups (AHG) of TC-114. Certain TAG members serve as subject matter experts (SME) which means that they are the official representatives of the United States on the various PTs and AHGs.

The US TAG would like to acknowledge the generous support of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Water Power Program which enables it to effectively manage a wide range of TAG activities including disseminating information to the general public.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the US TAG and joining one of its committees, please read the information contained under the “Standards Development” tab carefully and communicate your interest through the form contained in the “Contact” tab.